15ft Low voltage Hose Extension


15ft Low voltage Hose Extension, for special cases where longer is needed

Not compatible with high voltage Hoses

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The 15ft Low voltage Hose Extension, will allow you to vacuum these unreachable rooms or corners easily.

  • 15FT HOSE EXTENSION : Add 15 ft to your actual LOW-VOLTAGE central vacuum hose for special cases where longer is needed


    1. Inlets must have 1.5” inner diameter in order for the hose to fit.
    2. To be able to do ON / OFF from the hose handle switch, inlets must have 2 Low-Voltage Pins (metal prong) inside

    1. 1.5″ INNER DIAMETER in order for the hose to fit
    2. 2 Low-Voltage pins (metal prong) inside to be able to use the ON-OFF switch on the central vacuum hose.
    3. To be used with low-voltage hose ONLY
  • Ovo Universal Low-Voltage Central Vacuum, Hose Extension, 15 FT, Grey – ACCHO-15LV-EXT

Will not be compatible with a High voltage hose (electrical) unless the hose as an electrical cord. Electrical extension will be needed (not included). This product is conceived to extend a low voltage hose (suction only).

If you wonder if this product will be compatible with your current equipment, note that we are always available to answer your questions promptly via email, Phone or even our chat application with real people waiting to facilitate your experience.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 8 in


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