Ovo Central Vacuum Direct plug in garage valve inlet add on. Easy to use and install, directly from the Unit

  • “T” shape Fitting – for Central Vacuum Installation (3 way pvc connector) Fits 2” thin wall pvc Pipping 
  • Utility Valve and Contact for Central Vac – White
  • 24V Low voltage wires

Direct plug in garage valve inlet. Perfect for garage or valve inlet add on, with or without existing pipping network. Compatible with 2” thin wall pvc Pipping. 3 way connection can be replaced with 90 degree elbow, if used without a pipping system. Transform any central vacuum into a wall mounted garage vacuum system.

Very easy to install. Fits any, thin wall 2” pvc central vacuum systems connections.

Simply connect the T shape fitting (3 way) to the intake of your unit (do not glue this part). Your Central Vacuum intake should always be removable

Then connect the opposite side of the T shape (3 way) to your existing pipping system.

The utility valve can then be glued in the third connection of the T shape fitting (glue not included)

Connect the wires from the utility inlet valve to your unit and start using!!!