• Heavy duty central vacuum system, 700AW, 35L canister, can have more than 8 inlets connected to it, Covers up to 9000 sq.ft
  • 5 Gal Wet/Dry shop vacuum, 63.5 H2O suction power, To pickup FINE DUST / WET / DRY DEBRIS like dirt, gypsum dust, cement, puddles of water, and more
  • Central vacuum attachment kit for hard surfaces and low-pile carpets includes: 30/35/40/50 hose, On/Off switch on the handle, crushproof, Anti kinking, 12” floor brush, Air driven carpet beater with suction release valve, upholstery and dusting brush, crevice tool telescopic wand, accessory bag and hose hanger
  • Wet pickup accessories: 8 ft Commercial grade hose, Anti-kinking, crush proof, 2-IN-1 floor brush with integrated squeegee, crevice tool 2-part wand, Cartridge HEP filter, foam sleeve, dust collector and disposable bag